Nishal Yadav Pasham

General Secretary

Nishal is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Nishal has loved the art of arguing since his childhood and somehow he gives the entire credit to his mother. He set out to the world in order to become an artist in the field of arguing with a primary goal of defeating his mother someday. He in-turn became a Devil’s Advocate and loves renditioning the role very often. He loves to write stories, mostly set in the sub continent as he feels the region where the story is based is highly related the region where the audience is based.

Sarthak Singh

Joint Secretary

A believer of Murphy’s Law, Sarthak has been dazzled by poetry and literature ever since his high school. He is an ardent reader of literary classics, particularly that of Jules Verne and Robert Stevenson. He is a contributor to a handful social media platforms, most notable Quora. One of his favourite piece of poetry is “Still I Rise” ~ Maya Angelou.

Arti Agarwal


Arti is an undergraduate student of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Being a literature enthusiast, she believes there is no other field of human activity where delirious ideas blossom so visibly as in literature. A mere play of words – that’s right up her alley. As a reader, she is amazed by non-fiction because life is just too amazing to make this stuff up. All I know is that I go to seek a Great Perhaps is what she longs for and is excited to find out where it will take her.

Mayank Kumar

Content Head

Mayank is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from NIT JAMSHEDPUR. He is an avid reader and likes to read everything from magazines to novels, newspapers, and poetry collections. He also likes to write stuff, not that he is a proper fledged writer but loves scribbling his feelings on a piece of paper. He writes everything from stories, accounts, blogs, poems, articles, and even messages for an obituary, birthdays, party invitations, and crushes. He loves every literary work from Ved Vyas to Tennyson, although both English and Hindi intrigue him, he is slightly more inclined towards Hindi. This who he is, a luck by chance engineer who loves literature.

Ayushi Paul

Head-Booker In The Rye

Ayushi Paul is an undergraduate student pursuing her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering in NIT Jamshedpur. She is an ardent reader who has a taken-from-book situation for every real life situation. A literature aficionado at heart, she finds solace in treasured memories of Ruskin Bond and little anecdotes of Sudha Murthy. For her, writing is therapy, a way to let go of overwhelming thoughts. She can be found in a cozy alcove, with a cup of coffee and a book by her side, pondering about the little mundane things in life.

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