The Literary and Debating Society happens to be the oldest and one of the most prestigious societies of our institute. The Society traces its roots back to 1968 and has its trunk strongly withheld in 2019. The green leaves have been making a difference to the extra-curricular ambiance of the Institute by providing the required oxygen ever since its establishment.

The Society presents to its audience a plethora of literary gigs served on a silver platter to choose from. Events ranging from Parliamentary Debates, Just-A-Minute, Crosswords, Riddles, Shipwreck, Jumble the Good Word, etc are a perfect conglomerate of fun and learning. The literary enthusiasts give each other a tough fight and the war of words and wits that follows is such a spectacle. LDS has this trade of spicing things up. If you think debates and creative writings are nerd games, you just haven’t experienced an LDS rendition of these activities.

The Society has witnessed a cluster of zealous and enthusiastic individuals who had shaped the club with their witty notions and literary flex. The Society continues to be a place where you can read, write, share, converse, ponder and most importantly, enjoy!

These are the following events that we do year-long.

Babies Week Out & Lit-Week:

  1. Group Discussion

Unlimited thoughts, Varied Viewpoints, Big Ideas—LDS makes all of them heard!! G.D gives you the opportunity to exchange information, ideas, opinions and almost everything of a particular topic or an issue in a systematic way, among a group of people. For the not-so-expressive people, this is your chance to refine yourselves because Group Discussion has gained unparalleled significance as a method of assessing an individual’s Soft-Skills in almost all walks of life. (placement drives)

  1. English and Hindi potpourri:

Languages have become a part of our lives and it is almost impossible to live without them. Although, you have been speaking Hindi & English from your Childhood and call yourself a nerd, we bet you don’t know very much. Just like the name suggests, this event is a medley of things around you. From objects to symbols, memes to movies, catchy lines to mesmerizing ads, alphabets to numbers, this is a very Intriguing game that has everything you know but don’t know! Find out why only at Potpourris of LDS.

  1. Just-A-Minute:

You must have heard of Traffic Jams that trouble even the experienced of drivers but not the LDS Jams that troubles even the best of ‘Grammar Nazis’. Speak fluent English for a minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation, the Prize money is all yours.

  1. General Quiz:

The Quizzing Culture at the NIT is always at the Zenith. So, here is LDS to give you an introductory flavour of it with the Gen Quiz. From Sci-tech to Sports, Bollywood to Hollywood, Business to Biriyanis, we have every genre under the sun ready to blow your mind. Watch out for the brain-storming fundas and regretful pounces!!

  1. Policy Debate:

Not sure why but, arguing with others gives us a sense of satisfaction. But this time, LDS lets you do it in a formal way with the Policy Debate. From your every-day conversations to a few pressing issues of the world, we have topics exclusively hand-picked for you to outpower your opponent with your words. Afterall, Being Vocal about your opinions matters the most especially in this Digital Age.

  1. Creative Writing:

Alphabets are a blessing to Mankind! But they are worthful only when scribbled in the right way. And Creative Writing of LDS makes you do exactly that. If you think you can turn cold and hard facts into something soothing and exciting, if you think you can step of out of reality and enter into a new realm inspired by your own imagination, then this is your opportunity for grabs. Gear up & let Alphabets do the talking for you!

  1. MUN/Mock Parliament:

Have you ever dreamt of sitting on the benches of the Parliament representing a national leader or a UN Conference representing a country of the world? Relax, LDS will make your dreams come true. Aimed at fostering the communication, collaboration and analytic skills, this close-to exact simulation of a Mock Parliament/MUN is an avenue for heated arguments, witty comments, sarcastic tickles and intense debating on various topics of national and international significance. Pull your socks and mark your attendance because you might find the Next Prime Minister in your next seat!