The Brooding Star

Inquisitive with pain, dying to know what went wrong,

Dying to know what happened, dying to know who stole a star from their life,

Dying to know what suddenly changed, what created rifts between what was life.

That laughter, that fun, those pranks, those vulnerable moments, and being human,

Oh! Those early nights and late mornings, Were they all fake? Were they all for naught?

What changed suddenly, O dubious star do tell me.

My heart was afraid, if their star was not in reality anymore,

Sharing the feel, sharing the thoughts, sharing the memories,

My mind was trapped in ballyhoo, sharing their dreams,

Then all would slowly become memories with an abrupt end.

I can’t remember who they were before it was them, and now they can’t even process.

Help me process! Help me know! Where did you go?

Disappearing in the fine veil of thy pain, where did all go?

Their eyes could spot the star, but did not have the guts to follow its shine,

somewhere within THEM, a soft VOICE whispered, “Isn’t this feeling BITTERSWEET?”

My heart still reminisces that fresh pain which THEIR distance gave me,

I promised myself never to drown in misunderstandings,

And let the precious people become strangers with memories.

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