It was once that she sat down and thought,

She had forgotten to put herself prior to the world

She believed she could make the people around her giggle and smile,

By compromising on her sentiments and emotions for a while

She tried every bit of what could be done,

But nobody ever listened to what her heart spoke when it whispered, it was all DONE!

She felt as if it was just a phase in her life that made her feel low and unsatisfied,

Until she realized it was too late for her to come out of her mental sickness and again smile wide

She could do nothing except than to frown and cry,

For when the hope within that lost soul whispered “TRY”

She ignored the unheard instinct for a moment

But then decided to no longer be weak and yell out through her work that could make her life, what is called a MOMENT!

Individuality in her blood and fearlessness in her veins,

As if screaming to give them the wings and cut out overthinking and all sorts of pains

She turned back and looked at what society was trying to convey to her,

But deafened herself and only did what seemed to be the BEST for her

She strived, fell and strived again for brilliance

This time, not to fail but to soar her head high and move towards excellence

Sooner her life geared up from a situation which was dreary to one which was dreamy

As if success, happiness and satisfaction were all meant for her,
She silently wiped out her happy tears when she felt proud of her and only HER.

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