An Accident

It was a bicycle, not very old
I don’t really know, I was just told
On a sunny day, in winter very cold
I decided to ride it, while blindfold!

Ah! I know it was a stupid attempt
Ignoring maa, showing contempt
Since I haven’t cycled in years
I would not lie; I had my fears.

Of course, I know how to cycle
But I guess my luck wasn’t idle
After a few metres, which were even
The cycle was now pride driven.

“Yeah! I am definitely best at it.”
-and the next moment I was hit!
We fell, after I crashed into her
I unfolded and emotions begin to stir.

I was smiling in pleasurable pain
Listening to her euphonic complain
Annoyed, she left and I beheld
Down on the ground, mesmerically jelled!

It was her first and last sight
That I could catch up and light
An accident led to transient delight
Or was my maa, as usual, right?

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